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How do I purchase an Gift Card? Gift Cards can be purchased here on our site

How do I receive my Gift Card? 

When you are purchasing your Gift Card, you have the option of receiving the Card by post or an e-Card via email.  You can also choose whether the Card is emailed or posted directly to you or to somebody else.  Gift Cards delivered by post are contained within a pretty Gift Card carrier.

How long does it take to receive my Gift Card by post? 

Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery of your Gift Card within the Republic of Ireland. 

Outside of Ireland, please allow 7-10 working days.

How do I use my Gift Card?

It’s simple.  You can use you Gift Card to book accommodation on or you can phone one of our customer service agents to assist you with your booking over the phone. 

Note: Cards are not available to redeem in the first 5 days following purchase.

Booking Online

  1. When you reach the payment page of your booking, simply enter the code on the back of the Gift Card, into the ‘Redeem Card’ section and click ‘Check Card’.
  2. The Gift Card balance will be applied to the booking. Any balances due against the booking will need to be made at the hotel. 

A credit/debit card is required to secure the booking when using a Gift Card.

Booking via Telephone

  1. Simply Call us @ 1890 87 67 69
  2. Make sure you have your Card code and credit card before you call us. 

A credit/debit card is required to secure the booking when using a Gift Card

Where can I use the Gift Card? Gift Cards can only be used to book accommodation on site.

The Gift Card will not be accepted directly by hotels or guesthouses.

How long is the Gift Card valid for?

The Gift Card is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Bookings should be made before the expiry date on your Gift Card however within a reasonable time-frame, we can offer an extension to the expiry date.

Can I add enhancements to my booking using a Gift Card?

The Gift Card can only be redeemed for booking accommodation and cannot be used towards extra purchases at your chosen accommodation.

However, we have lots of packages on our site which the Gift Card can be used against including weekend breaks, dinner packages, and spa packages.

Can I use my Gift Card to book a package?

Yes, the gift card can be used to purchase any package that is available If there are meals such as Dinner and/or breakfast included in a package, the gift card will cover these also.
However if a package on the site does not include meals, then the gift card cannot be used to purchase meals/drinks directly with the hotel.
The gift card can only be used through and cannot be used directly with a hotel.


How can I find out the balance of my Gift Card?

You can find out the value of your Gift Card here. Simply enter the Card Code into the box and click ‘Check Balance’.

What should I do if my Gift Card gets lost or stolen?

If your Gift Card is lost or stolen please contact us immediately via telephone on 1890 87 97 69 or e-mail us at

How do I cancel my Gift Card booking?

Simply call our call centre team @ 1890 87 67 69 Once the cancellation has been processed, the funds are returned to the Gift Card within 30 minutes. 

Can the Gift Card be used more than once?

Yes, your Gift Card may be used multiple times provided there is remaining credit on your Gift Card after you use it.

How do I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking on our site here;

Alternatively, you can contact our Call Centre @ 1890 87 67 69 to manage the cancellation for you.

If I cancel my booking, will I receive a full refund? 

If a non-Gift Card booking should be cancelled, it can be done here;

You can make a cancellation up to 48 hours prior to 12pm on your check-in date at the hotel or guesthouse. When your cancellation has been confirmed you will receive an email from us and you are entitled to a full refund of your booking deposit. If you make a cancellation 48 hours or less in advance of your stay the booking deposit will not be refunded. Your booking then reverts to the cancellation policy of the hotel or guesthouse that applies to your reservation.